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Blue Caprice Cover
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Blue Caprice
Solo Alto Saxophone -- Level 6
As recorded on: Double Exposure
Now available on CD!

A virtuostic set of twelve unaccompanied classical and jazz influenced variations on the blues for solo alto saxophone.

Extensive altissimo requirements.

Price: $20.00US

The Bay
Alto Saxophone and Piano -- Level 4

Moderately fast piece for Alto Saxophone and Piano

Price: $16.00US

Saxophone Quartet - SATB -- Level 4
As recorded on: Originations

One movement saxophone quartet ballad featuring a beautiful soprano saxophone solo. Includes written solo which can be optionally improvised.

Price: $26.00US

  Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra
A 3 movement virtuosic tour de force with both classical and jazz elements. This work is fully composed however one has the option to improvise where indicated.

Full Orchestral Edition Price: $175.00US
Piano Reduction Edition Price: $50.00US

  Duets Vol. 1
13 Duets of moderate difficulty in various musical styles intended for the young instrumentalist.
For like Flutes, Clarinets, or Saxophones

Price: $20.00US

  Duets Vol. 2
12 Duets of various musical styles each posing different problems for the intermediate to more advanced instrumentalist.
For like Flutes, Clarinets, or Saxophones

Price: $20.00US

Soprano Saxophone and Piano -- Level 5

A full 3 movement work with a dramatic free opening and virtuoso brilliant ending.
1. Entrata
2. Adagio
3. Vivace

Price: $26.00US

  Fantasy for Flute and Piano
A lyrical piece with some difficult passagework.

Price: $18.00US

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Saxophone Quartet - SATB

Price: $21.00US

  Italian Sketches
Saxophone Quartet - SATB -- Level 3-5
As recorded on: Originations

Seven movement saxophone quartet of diverse musical styles and difficulty, inspired by life in a small town in Tuscany.

1. Strada alla Mattina
2. Pomeriggio
3. Giorno di Mercato
4. Aperitivo
5. Vallombrosa
6. Sole Septembre
7. Valico Consuma

Price: $65.00US

Poco Pazzo
Saxophone Quartet - SATB

Price: $21.00US

Poema for Soprano Saxophone and Piano

Inspired by a visit to Monte Casale, a hermitage in Sansopolcro, Italy. It is a spiritual piece of moderate difficulty with an improvisational quality.

Price: $16.00US

Pacific Triptych
Alto Saxophone and Piano

A programmatic work consisting of three separate pieces inspired by Monterey Bay in Central California.

1. Santa Cruz
A bustling small city on the North end of Monterey Bay with great cultural diversity and a stunning coastline. I tried to capture the serenity and beauty of the coast and the energy of the town and its citizens, students and artist

2. Big Sur

3. The Bay

Price: $30.00US

Prologue/Baroque Blue
Saxophone Quartet - SATB -- Level 4
As recorded on: Originations

One movement saxophone quartet based on the blues with a baroque influence.

Price: $35.00US

Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, and Bassoon

A traditional woodwind quintet in three movements with the Alto Saxophone in place of the French Horn. A technically and rhythmically challenging piece with a jaunty third movement that is fun and challenging to play.

Price: $35.00US

Sextet for Clarinet, String Quartet and String Bass

A fully composed four-movement jazz oriented work with optional improvisation where indicated, based on the traditional symphonic Sonata form with a jazz waltz in place of the minuet. The first movement "The Fourths of Firth" is inspired by the Clarinet Concerto by Aaron Copland and Clarinetist Andrew Firth. High degree of technical difficulty.

Full Sextet Price: $80.00US
Piano Reducation with Optional String Bass Price: $40.00US

Solo Collection for Alto Saxophone and Piano

A collection of new and transcribed short pieces from the works of Victor Morosco for the Saxophone or Clarinet. Originally designed for the younger instrumentalist many of these pieces are being found on programs of professional artists throughout the world. Pieces vary from 1'30" to 5' in length and are ideal for contests or adjudication performances for younger players as well as use as a group in recitals.

Price: $29.00US

  Song For RC
Alto Saxophone and Saxophone Quintet (SATBBs) or (SATBB2) -- Level 4
As recorded on: Originations

Slow ballad written for Richie Cole with written solos or optional improvisation for Solo Alto Saxophone.

Price: $40.00

  Suite for Alto Saxophone and Piano
A four-movement work for the advanced saxophonist with strong jazz influence.

1. Moderato con moto
2. Blues
3. Ballade
4. Allegro

Price: $28.00US

Etude Duets Cover
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Six Contemporary Etudes for
Saxophone in Duet Form

Two like saxophones -- Level 3-6

Six original duet etudes for saxophone in a broad variety of contemporary musical styles, encompassing tonal, atonal, twelve tone and jazz.

Price: $29.00US

Flute, Clarinet, and Alto Saxophone

Price: $12.00US

Clarinet, Violin, and Cello

Price: $28.00US



Concerto in C Minor (Oboe)
Benedetto Marcello -- Level 4

Transcribed with ornamentation and variations for Soprano Saxophone. Includes piano part, playable with standard orchestra parts

Price: 18.00US

Four Canons from the "Art of the Fugue"
J.S. Bach -- Level 4
As recorded on: The Art of the Fugue

Transcribed for:

Canon alla Decima Soprano and Tenor Saxophone
Canon per Augmentationem - in contrario motu Soprano and Baritone Saxophone
Canon alla Ottava Alto and Tenor Saxophone
Canon alla Duodecima Alto and Baritone Saxophone

Price: $21.00US

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