The syllables chosen for the exercise have been very carefully thought out, and must be duplicated very precisely to obtain the maximum benefit from this exercise. The vowel sound in "HEH" should rhyme with the beginning syllable "Hea" of the name "Heather" in english. This promotes the optimum standard position for the tongue while playing by creating the most powerful flow of air in the oral cavity. You will notice when saying this syllable the tongue is slightly raised in the mouth and lightly touching the upper molars.

The syllable "TEH" should rhyme with beginner of the word "tether" in english. This maintains the optimum tongue position when adding the tongue for articulation. One should practice saying these two syllables before playing them on an instrument. It has been my experience that most people change the sound of the vowel when adding the "T".


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Heh Heh Teh Teh
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